Blarney Pilgrims - Good ol’ Irish Music!
Blarney Pilgrims music takes you on a journey from Wild Rover chorus sing-along in small back street Dublin pubs, to the meadows of Galway with historical ballads from the rebellion battles of 1798 and further.

The band has played irish traditional music since the early '70-ties. Old and new songs, from pubs and dance halls. Jigs, reels, hornpipes and airs on fiddle, concertina, banjo and guitar, bouzouki, accordion with the traditional rhythm support from bodhran, spoons and bones.

Curt McWall guitar and lead song
Scotty Tangelin banjo, guitar and song
Chris O’Bergh concertina, accordion and song
Gunter Gorr’s fiddle and song

 Curt +46 70 869 76 80,