“You could call it vintage 40’s rock n’ roll in a cajun styler, with a slice of arctic bayou Swedish folk tradition, and not to forget; those guys were just as well dressed in their ol’time suites as they were swinging…” wrote a reviewer recently.

Chris and the Po’Boys got their roots from the frozen river deltas of northern Scandinavia. Over the years melted into the Mississippi delta whilte on Louisiana tours in places like Blue Moon Saloon in Lafayette, Café Les Amie’s in Braux Bridge, Fred’s Lounge in Mamou and Liberty Theatre in Eunice.

So if you’re a Lindy Hopper, a Cajun dancer or just keen for something that moves your legs and rattles your bones  –  you’ve come to the right place, whereever they play!

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Chris Auxber
accordion, lead singing
Gunter Görres
fiddle, saxophones
Gunnar Stahl guitar, french trad singing
André Hakwinsson steel, lead guitar
Tom Martinsen drums, rubboard, triangle
Urban Heed upright bass

Contact: Chris Auxber +46 70 548 60 60 chris.auxber@swamp.se